Relationship with EEC

Mass 211 is part of the statewide network of community-based child care resource and
referral agencies (CCR&Rs). Mass 211 works with EEC to ensure that high quality
resources and services that children need to grow and learn are accessible to every
family. The Massachusetts Child Care Information Line is the trusted partner of the
Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC).

EEC helps eligible families find and pay for quality early education and out-of-school time
programs. EEC also provides support for information and referral services to help families make
informed child care choices, inclusive programming for children with special needs, parenting and family support

EEC contracts with Mass 211 to provide access to these services statewide. Using Mass 211, a statewide information
and referral call center, which is managed by United Way of Tri-County and is reached by dialing 211 from anywhere
in the state, the agency is helping working parents find their way to the child care information they need.

For Families who need:

  • Information to make informed child care choices
  • Information on inclusive programming for children with special needs
  • Parenting and/or family support.

Mass 211 Specialists are available 24/7 to assist parents and guardians find licensed child care
providers and to learn about financial assistance for eligible families. Finding a quality center or
family provider for your child takes time and energy, but it is the most important step toward a
successful child care experience.


Brain Building In Progress - a program of EEC and United Way

Whenever you see children interacting and learning in enriching environments, what you're
really seeing is "Brainbuilding In Progress".

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